Alexandra Hopf

VOQUE: Tigersprung Herbst/Winter

RⓅB Verlag, Ed. by Babette Richter, Cologne, 2019, (dt)
Softcover / 102 pages
20,9 x 27,5 cm
ISBN 978-3-9817241-3-4

Publication on the occasion of the exhibtion Tigersprung Herbst Winter/Chinesisches Gewebe, M29, Cologne, 2019

Alexandra Hopf perceives fashion as a metaphor for the shaping of history. Through her installation works, she delves into the construction of (art) history, blurring the lines between the factual and the imagined, forming a mutable fabric. In this exploration, material substance intertwines with form and content, echoing the erratic nature of history. Through flashbacks and flashforwards, she crafts objects across diverse media, imbuing them with a sense of relic-like significance.