Alexandra Hopf


Alexandra Hopf delves into the creative process across various media by intertwining factual and imaginative elements into a complex network. Across different contexts, she probes the localization of contemporary art production, navigating between retrospection and utopia within the temporal and artistic frameworks.

Hopf's alternating gestures of revelation and concealment unearth traces of predecessors, only to obscure them once more. In her works, past and future converge through flashbacks and flashforwards, subverting the notion of linear historical progression. Processes of transformation and deliberate or inadvertent image manipulation assume pivotal roles.

While Hopf's installations comprise tangible objects, they engender fluctuating intermediary realms and projection surfaces rather than concrete systems. Engaging with her arrangements evokes the sense of deciphering a coded configuration and inhabiting an ambiance of transient flux, poised just before something novel unfurls from the familiar. References materialize and dissipate, giving way to new connections.

Nothing occurs devoid of antecedents; visions are nourished by experience. Every utterance, inscription, and design alludes to the past while simultaneously casting doubt upon it.